December 1, 2020

Pounding the bark with a wooden mallet (metal will damage the inner bark fibers) will help it to loosen and will be necessary to process trees much larger than 3” in diameter. I’ve seen sheets of bark pulled from basswood trees (with many hours of careful peeling and … Bark from dead Basswood limbs provides the best material. Mature basswoods develop smaller sucker basswood trees at their base (which is how I identify the tree during the cold season when their leaves are gone). Herb: American Basswood Latin name: Tilia americana Family: Tiliaceae (Linden Family) Medicinal use of American Basswood: A tea made from the inner bark is applied to burns - it soothes and softens the skin. The basswood tree is a North American representative of the linden genus, widespread in the Northern Hemisphere. The cordate, serrate leaves are from … The tree grows up to 80 feet tall and has a large straight trunk with a beautiful canopy that contains clusters of … The brownish-gray bark is perpendicularly, but not deeply, fissured. The best dead limbs are ones that have been dead for a week or two. It is taken internally in the treatment of lung complaints, dysentery, heart burn and weak stomach. Bark of young trees and branches have a smooth, light gray bark, and bark of larger trunks is heavily fissured and darker. Whether considered as a single species (American basswood) with multiple varieties or several species, the bass tree is quite recognizable by leaf, fruit and overall shape. It consists of long interwoven fibres that form an interlocking weave. Which trees are impacted? According to linden borer information, the large, white larva dig tunnels just below the bark of a tree. The bark is dark grey; it becomes full of furrows and ridges with age. The basswood tree is often referred to as American basswood or the American linden and it grows commonly throughout the eastern and central United States. If a tree is cut off it frequently sends up multiple sprouts, which may eventually mature to form a multi-stemmed growth form. This cuts off the flow of nutrients and water to the foliage from the roots. Any longer and the bark will have dried out a lot. Basswood bark makes excellent strong cordage. The leaves are large and heart-shaped and they have toothed margins, while the young leaf buds are dark red. GENERAL BOTANICAL CHARACTERISTICS: American basswood is a native deciduous tree. The Basswood Tree. It peels readily from the tree and is easy to work with. The bark is diuretic. You are most likely to see linden borer damage in linden trees, or basswood (Tilia genus), as its name implies. The basswood tree reaches a height of up to 120 feet.

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