December 1, 2020

[Step 5] Wait - Making clear ice at home is a lot of work. Fortunately, there are ways to control this. But as long as you understand the fundamentals, you can make a great cocktail with any type of ice. You want a nice level surface for the tray. I filled two trays of ice, both trays from the same manufacturer (Rubbermaid), one tray with 60 degree water, one tray with 100 degree water (+/-5 according to my laser thermometer) both side by side on the same tray of my freezer (0 degrees according to the thermometer) and, believe it or not, the "cold" tray … Even with purified water and cocktail-style trays the ice will freeze from all sides, trapping air in the center, which means cracks, faster melting, or worse: ice that smells like a freezer. Sit down and have a beer or a glass of wine. The Ghost Ice trays fit into a standard Coleman cooler. You can use special trays and ice makers that are designed to make clear ice… The Ghost Ice tray makes 48 cubes that are up to 3″. If you only use a regular ice tray, fill it up with tap water, and put it in the freezer for a long time, you can expect the result to be not transparent. At $300, it’s pricey for two silicone trays, but it’s far less expensive and more efficient than other options. [Step 4] Place Your Clear Ice Tray In The Freezer - If you don't keep the tray in your freezer all the time, make sure there is plenty of room for it before you carry it over. Consumers looking to purchase a new refrigerator, could opt for LG’s Craft Ice …

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