December 1, 2020

Water will be automatically supplied to the Ice Maker depending on temperature & time conditions, and ice will be produced to dispense. Well after some more research I found out I was wrong the code 14E and 39E that appeared while the fridge was  unplugged does mean the ice maker is bad. The hatch that opens on the door when you push the dispenser opens up, but the auger won't move and the hatch in the ice tray does not open. @sharon2017. This is located behind the ice maker in the ice room. Since it was due for a water filter I decided to replace the filter service the drain check valves and coil. Of course, they could do what I do to find the answers -- search and search online till you find someone else who had exactly the same situation, and who found out how to fix it. When I push the reset button nothing happens. Another potential problem is if your water pressure falls too low. If your having to press the reset every time to get the ice to drop it could be the ice maker sensor. Most of those fixes apply to Frigidaires as well as many other brands, which tend to work similarly. he preceeds to show me….. so i tell him to replace it…. but within 24 hours I would already see signs of frost and the unit iceing up. Loretta I can hear the ice motor but it won't dump ice in the bucket. Nelanie Tompkins - Does your refrigerator have the french doors with freezer on bottom and the ice maker located top left corner? The "ice off" button was illuminated. Anyway, before spending all kinds of $$$ to get it repaired, it's a good thing to try. First off I am not a expert I am just a Samsung appliance owner trying to make lemonaid from lemons. If the temperature is higher than 9* you might need to clean the condenser coils with a vacuum. When I removed them water poured out of 2 of the drain lines. It just drops it to the freezer section tray therefore I cannot get crushed ice or cubed ice to come out of the door. I hope I gave you enough ideas of where to turn to rather then just say my Samsung is junk because it really is a nice machine that just needs some attention. Page 78: When Ice Maker(Ff) Does Not Operate troublesHooting 4-2-4. This solved the problem for me. Definitely try this 1st. The ice won’t drop untill the temp is 9* or less. ~Cycle the I/M Located on the front of the I/M is a test switch. Thank you for posting this solution, that was our problem too (I hope anyway! ugh. Those little thermometers that you can buy at the grocery store will not give you an accurate tempature. They will not drop the ice into the ice bin until the temperature sensor detects a set temperature. To me that should have instead been an ice on indicator light, 10/20/2019 by The mineral deposits in our water, or at least where I live, seem to be the cause of more I/M issues than anything else. How To Repair Refrigerator Refrigerator Ice Maker Optic Boards Top Brands Troybilt Lawn Tractor 13ap609g063 Parts Diagram , Weider Weider Pro 4300 831146220 Parts Diagram , LG Dryer dle0442w Parts Diagram , GE Washer gcwp1800d1ww Parts Diagram , Weed Eater Weedeater xt200 Parts Diagram Ice would dispense for about a week before the problem would resurface. MrJimPhelps. The energy saver has nothing to do with the ice maker. We decided to look at the power on and off button on the refrigerator come to figure out that the light was not Illuminating and this whole time it was because it was off. Tamara Akins. On my unit I took it apart and traced the problem down to a split rubber- plastic gasket that had split allowing play between the metal ice cube tray and plastic housing with the gear box and other sensors mounted in it. There have been pleased with the machines. I’ve discovered that you have to remove the ice tray/box every 45 days... .put a hairdryer in the cavity to de-ice everything...for about 10 minutes...put a towel under the hair dryer....when it’s de-iced...put the draw back and wait for ice. Very happy I didn't have to spend any money. If the tech replaced all those parts then check the temperature? nelanie Tompkins, Sharonincanada There's two methods for this, depending on which type of ice maker your model has. As of today, Samsung isn’t picking up any of the costs. The auger will not rotate. Of course, if everyone knew that, there wouldn't be much mystique to being a geek! Samsung has tried 5 different solutions for the exact problem you both have. i also, am in the service business and woild never treat people the way we, have been treated over an ice maker……, after telling my story just this morning , i have had 3 people that have samsung refrigerators , where theit ice makers dont work…… shame on you, Candice J Cavasos I think that there are multiple issue with these units and that is one there is not a simple one solution for all. Kelly Blankenship. The repairman also told me that the way this ice maker works is the water is released via a set time to fill, not how much water is put into the ice maker reservoir (bad design). There are rebuilt ice makers available but I strongly don’t recommend it. Please help! Lady Tech: Do you have any experience with universal ice maker kits? Sensors & Buttons Smart Hubs Smart Devices MEMORY & STORAGE Portable SSD SSD TV & AV QLED 8K TV QLED 4K TV ... the most important thing is to make sure you have prepared the ice maker in your Samsung fridge correctly. IT'S THE COOLING FAN!!! It is 100% a faulty design. I have a Samsung RF263AEBP My ice maker worked just fine until I turned the ice maker off because I went on vacation. Make sure you clean out those drain valves and see if it helps. Good luck. Our ice maker only works when you use the reset button to get the ice to drop. When ICE MAKER(FF) does not operate 1. The problem is when you initially set up the fridge, it is either left alone on the wheels or leveled with the adjustable casters. 08/29/2018 by I say this because clogged or partially clogged lines will raise the humidity inside the refridgerator causing everything to frost or freeze up and not just your icemaker. Ice Maker & other Problems With Samsung's FR25HME... samsung rs25j500dsr ice tray will not dump. I gave him the history. The ice would be stuck in "The tunnel" of the door. The other two drain check valves were still clean. It wont allow the trays to flex, thus, damage to the gears or the tray. My samsung fridge model is RF4287HA. Samsung’s icemaker’s use the same thermistor arrangement, too. It’s been 5 days and has not made any ice. That would be the temperature sensing thing called a thermistor. How to Fix an Ice Maker in a Samsung Refrigerator - YouTube If that doesn’t do it, unplug your fridge or turn off the circuit breaker for 2 min. mrs.doellman07, Lady tech, I don't have problem with the ice maker, my is making ice ok but the problem is it just does not dispense the ice. I will check in from time to time on this thread and try to answer questions but I really posted this to help you know there will be more to fixing your ice maker or fridge problem then just installing a new updated part. 2. 11/09/2018 by Is there an icycle hanging from the water line to I/M ? When ICE MAKER(FF) does not operate 1. I've replace the water filter and the icemaker module, all to no avail. I generally tell them that we will gladly refund their money if they aren't satisfied with the volunteer help they are getting. The only way you are going to get this work done properly is to do it yourself,  no tech and I mean absolutley no tech will go through the steps needs to do this work they way it needs to be done to keep you and your family safe and your appliance working properly. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I’m tired of reading all these complaints. I usually do this at night and let the ice regenerate over night. This site is for people with questions about how to repair their appliances. The temperature is set to 2 degrees and the icemaker button is 'On'. 07/12/2018 by Mike Pisani. Any advise is welcome. To explain how do this requires a lot more time than I have right now but one day soon I will add a post on how I do it and what you need to super clean your water supplie lines valves etc. When you power it back on, try the reset button again. So before you do anything hold it down and see if it works even though the light does not. ( if you do not do this you risk damaging any part your trying to force apart while it is still frozen. It is on the left side of the ice maker and is a white arm. I use one that shots a red beam at something and displays its temp. Thank you Cate. I think I will buy a different refrigerator and take the $2100, I complained enough and Samsung gave me a credit    Went to best buy and purchased an LG. It can't be a freezing problem because the unit was unplugged for several days. Make sure your drains all three including the three check valves are clear clean flushed and sanitized do not use bleach as it will rust out everything quick. Then quickly press the lighting button which will put the panel in load condition display mode. Go with the new one. If you call Samsung or any tech they will tell you Code 14E means you either need to test the sensor or replace the icemaker which is false especially if you just lost power or unplugged the machine. I replaced the auger motor it worked for a day and then stopped . Accurate. Ice maker in the ice room, top left of refrigerator. The way you test it on my Samsung fridge (RF25HMEDB) is Press and hold the freezer and frigde buttons on the panel. Purchased  a RF28HMEDBSR/AA in Dec 2015 and for the first year it worked great, no problems. 10:54 AM. Any help out there? Conversion of Samsung 7.5 Gas Dryer from natural gas to lp gas. Kelly Blankenship. It has never given an issue. $95.00. i argue with her over their shady practice….but got no where………… so not only has samsung taken advantage of us knowing of the defect, but the company that represents them does toooooooo…..what a racket……. We have ample ice. Since you were not born with the knowledge needed you have to get a Factory repair- service manaul you have to read it from from to back and get to know the manual before you attempt any repairs. 03/25/2018 by Has ice cream been soft or milk spoiling too soon? ~Test the water valve to the ice maker for continuity/ohms with a multimeter with the refrigerator unplugged. 3 month update my Icemaker is still working great with no signs of frosting up. The icemaker has suddenly stopped dumping ice. If they haven't been cleaned in a year, that is probably your problem. I said no way come back and pick this up and we will just buy ice. If it was my refer, no way would I put any money into something that has had half a dozen failed fixes already. MrJimPhelps Help! I am an idiot too! Do not attempt to pry the ice maker out. Unplug the refrigerator and pull it away from the wall. I've turned everything off, then back on. This is unbeleivable, does anyone want to purchase it? I have a 2.5 yo Samsung RF261BEAEBC/AA french door refrigerator. The compressor was running but the cooling fan was not. Hopeful but I won't hold my breath. @mrjimphelps. Also, set your freezer to 0*. If you hold the ICE button for 3 sec and you hear a rising chime sound but the light doesn't come on then this could be the issue. I've had the icemaker replaced and am still not getting ice automatically. MrJimPhelps. If you get anything from this post get that your appliance and any modern appliance requires lots of maintenance that perhaps you did not have to do on other older appliances ( do not ask me why older units were more robust ). They are the top two on the unit. Remove the rear access panel. Thank you for allowing me this moment to vent. LadyTech, I can relate. ( this is labor intensive and requires the manual so you know how to take everything apart) . The flap would not open to drop the ice. It's so hard to read the light grey letters inside the cup that look just like the ice cubes in the diagram next to it! @salbato, If anyone reads this my ice maker stopped working months ago I tried everything so I called refrigerator repairman out charged me $307 for a new ice maker. Most importantly if any of the work outlined in the manual that you think you will have to do is beyond your skill level and or tool set call a pro for help but be armed with the information you need to make sure the tech does what you need and what your paying for or they will be happy to install a Icemaker for your code 14e when you now know the code went away because he unplugged it not because he replaced it. We had a RCD trip yesterday on the fuse box and it's rebooted it into action ! I have seen many people online using hair dryers and heat guns to defrost thier icemakers and coils ( i admit I did it myself ) JUST DO NOT DO IT YOU WILL WARP YOUR PLASTIC PARTS MAKING THE PROBLEM WORSE. This is after an engineer last year told us we'd need a new computer in the fridge. This worked for me too. If I was you, I’d try to find out about the class action and how to get Samsung to make good on it. Mike - I’m assuming that yours is a Samsung with the ice room at the top left of refrigerator. I gave an estimate for Samsung’s latest suggested repair and the parts alone were over $500. as he is setting it on the counter , he tells me their is another service charge…… i hit the ceiling…. palermo2mil. Somehow the "ICE OFF" button was pressed but the "ICE OFF" icon did not light up so it was "OFF" but there was zero indication. I turned my ice maker off for three days, let the blockage in the pipes melt, turned it back on and it worked on again. I’ve had two..shame on me for buying a second time. Some people demand answers, and complain when you haven't fixed it for them. Technician cleaned the coils temperature does not change its a constant 0 I bought a thermometer and put in it. Power is applied to one end of the wires. The case auger assembly behind the ice bin is also to be replaced. Bad that it is so hard to get this information and to post!!!!!! The Samsung French Door with freezer on the bottom and ice maker in ice room top left of fresh food section. 12/16/2019 by It worked. Samsung and LG are too smart for that. Above 9* the ice maker won’t advance. The next morning the ice bin was full. Just hold it until the chime sounds in a lowering tone and that would mean it's ready to make ice. Tried the energy saver then the ice maker off button. - edited I did replace the icemaker with a newer model as the old one was so corroded and nasty. If and when a valve does go bad there are some obvious signs to look for. Probably because of a pending law suit. Once it reaches 9* a heater comes on to melt the ice a little so it will slide out. The icemaker uses it to make decisions about when to make ice. Ice maker replaced 4 times. It’s likely the IR sensors which check to see if the ice bucket is full may be bad. every 2 months. Thanks to u all 4 posting good valiable info, bless u all, 03/19/2019 by 09/24/2019 by Usually the condenser coils under the refrigerator need to be cleaned. I am (was) an electrical engineer, but I’m retired now, and debugging and repairing mechanical problems is no longer interesting to me, if I could even do it anymore. I have a copy of the factory Service manaul which I got from Appliance pros at no charge while trying to diagnose my code 14E ( they would have had me probing wires and testing circuits for nothing ) but atleast I got the manual. I think the gasket broke one day when I let the ice maker go too long before defrosting it. The energy saver controls a low wattage heater that goes around the opening of the doors to prevent condensation from forming. i have for the last 6 months had to defrost my ice-maker like we did 40 years ago with freezers……. Thanks again. Samsung redesigned the dispenser motor assembly. Does anyone understand this comment regarding the Energy Saver? Anyways the manual is very poorly written and obviously loosly translated to english which I think has caused many errors in the testing methods and wording. @samsungripoff, the samsung ice makers are the worse on the market. I used the manual forced Defrost mode on all sections by pushing freezer and fridge buttons for 8 seconds putting it into test mode then after the display went blank I tapped any button slowly over and over until I got FD displayed on the screen at this point the unit is on and all the coils go into defrost mode heating each unit for about 20 minutes. They love the ice and it’s an inexpensive solution to your ice crisis. The valve is behind the unit where the water hooks up. It makes nice cubes and I do not sit there forever waiting for my cubes to come out crushed because the icemaker cabinet, bucket and Icemaker is not frosting up. The bottom horizontal segment on the 3rd digit display (or what would be the tens place on the Fridge temp) represents the Ice bucket status, if the segment is flashing, the fridge thinks the bucket is full. 06/10/2019 by Cost $150-$250. DA97-07549A ASSY ICE MAKER GUGGENHEIM,220~240V,50HZ, $127.76 Nationwide BO, Usually ships within 4-6 weeks So this meant the everything had to be removed from the rerfidgerator giving me access to pull the evaporator cover so I could defrost the cover and the evaporator if needed. But, if you've noticed ice cream is softer or the milk taste bad, than your problem isn't in the ice maker. We too have a Samsung model RF263BEAESR. Ice maker has been in a coma for over a year. Also, pull the ice bucket out and look in the back of ice room, do you see frost or ice built up in the very back? He said...Well, I see the problem. ( which leads techs at Samsung and other places to send you on a wild goose chase ). It would have been better for everyone if the manufacturer would have admitted from the beginning that they didn’t have a fix for the problem instead of putting us through all this. All ice makers have a temperature sensor. Next. Sounds like this was designed by the Keystone Cops rather than an HVAC engineer. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I promise I will never touch the ice off button again. 11/06/2018 by A lot of customers are fed up with these ice makers and have bought those countertop ice machines for around $150-$200. they know they have problems , yet fail to address the defects in the design. I was pretty impressed with them as well. I will say what works one time will not work the next time it seems to cycle each time you unplug the unit you have to do one of the above trick to clear the code to regain control of the control panel. Once cleaned, allow 12-24 hrs for ice production. I know that sounds confusing but try turning on and off the "CHILD LOCK" so you can hear the sound it makes when you turn it "ON" and "OFF". The technician keeps telling me we do not have enough water pressure to fill the ice maker reservoir. Just like everone else here, I have had all the sames issues from slush ice, to solid block of ice, to water under the chrisper drawers, and loud ticking from the fan hitting encased ice on the coil under the back panel of the frig with ice coming out the air vents.

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