Derivative/OleoChemical Plants
August 16, 2019

The raw material used for Derivatives are generally natural oils and fats both of vegetable and animal origin. Sundex Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has an expertise in designing both batch and Continuous, Low and High Pressure Fat Splitting Units that ensure higher splitting efficiency coupled with a very effective heat recovery system to provide total fat splitting, fatty acid distillation, sweet water concentration and glycerine distillation to get pharmaceutical grade glycerine.
The plant, constructed put of stainless steel is mostly automated with international technology, minimising energy consumption. These plants are built with simplified operations and maintenance.

Plant Capacity: 20TPD – 50TPD

The Oleochemical Splitting plant comprises of the following steps:
• Raw material Drying and Degassing
• Pre-heating
• Splitting
• Fat separation
• Sweet water concentration
• Glycerin distillation and bleaching

– Energy efficient process
– Continuous process operations
– Oil residue reduction
– Based on Solvent Extraction
– Consumption of process water along with Waste Heat Recovery Systems
– Robust design
– High quality stainless steel
– Equipped with Zero Discharge Effluent Evaporation System
– Fool-proof solvent recovery system from Vent gases that help protect the environment
– Automated operations
– Customised designs
– Efficient plant performance
– High pressure systems
– Advanced process control system
– Consistent product quality and output
– High flow rate process
– Experienced engineers

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