Lecithin and Powdered Lecithin Plant Process
August 16, 2019

Lecithin is derived from soybean, ricebran, sunflower, mustard, rapeseed etc. However the maximum derivation is commonly seen from soybean. We have recently derived Lecithin i.e. dried phospholipid from other sources such ricebran and sunflower. Lecithin and Powdered Lecithin are mainly used in the confectionary and bakery industry as emulsifiers, stabilisers and release agents, cattlefeed, poultry feed, aqua feed, paints, lubricants, textiles, fertilisers etc.

Plant Capacity: 3TPD – 40TPD

– Continuous operations
– Lower energy consumption
– Indigenous process
– Highly automated process
– Unique supercritical extraction technology
– User-friendly interface

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