August 16, 2019

Microbreweries are popular and are seeing a rise in demand globally. Collaborating with Europe’s leading manufacturers, get access to the best brewing systems with a variety of recipe and flavours as per the brew master’s choice.

The space capacity required to setup a brewery starts from 0.13 sq.m per litre capacity excluding malt milling and storage for raw materials.

They can be designed for installation on single or multi-levels and can be customised as per the buyer’s requirement and space availability.

Plant Capacity: 5HL per brew capacity – 20HL per brew capacity.


  • External mash and wort heater
  • Stainless steel tanks and tuns
  • First-rate copper plates
  • Hot water tank with heating and automatic mixing valve
  • Latent storage cooling plant
  • 100 mm thick high-pressure polyurethane isolation with all tanks and tuns
  • Electronic cooling units
  • Advanced yeast propagating plant
  • Dismantled for transportation

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